Payday Loans

payday loans no brokersWhen you need money fast, you do have a few options. You can consider asking a friend or family member to lend you that much-needed cash, or you can ask your employer for a cash advance on your next paycheck. These options, however, come with the high probability that the person will turn down your request. These people will need to have money to give you before they can lend it to you, and they may not feel comfortable lending their money out without a firm guarantee they will get it back from you. Plus, asking someone you know for cash can be humiliating.. Payday loans offer you the ability to get the cash you need without this hassle and humiliation. However, you have to decide whether to work with a payday lender or a payday broker.

The Difference Between the Two

A payday lender is the direct source of payday loan funds. This is a company that is lending you the money you need directly. When you apply for your loan request with a payday lender, the loan application is submitted immediately to the lender for quick review and approval. A broker, on the other hand is an intermediate. They work to gather loan requests for the lender, and they will submit the loan applications to the broker for review and approval. When you work with a payday broker, you add a secondary or intermediate step to the loan application process.

The Best Choice

Many people who struggle financially from time to time and need a payday loan do want to make the best financial decisions possible. So is it better to work with a direct lender or a broker? Working with a direct lender typically provides you with a faster and more affordable way to obtain your payday loan. A broker adds an extra step to the loan process, which adds to the time it takes to get your loan.

You can apply for your loan today and learn about loan approval very quickly.